November 29th - December 3rd, 2011

Keeping the pace, I'm keeping the pace. Anyway.

On November 29th I figured I'd document that we do indeed have another pet.

I realize I take a lot of pictures of Bootstrap and his various hijinks. However, Barnacle still exists, he just doesn't get into as many scrapes. He is now over a year old and we are enjoying his largely uneventful adult years.

On the 30th I found something marvelous.

Refrigerator magnets. It's something you gain as you get older, however we have been functioning (I have no idea how) on one refrigerator magnet. We had a celebration that we graduated to two magnets when the health clinic bestowed another upon us.

I search every store I go to for more magnets to no avail, because somehow it becomes necessary to post things on the fridge as you get older. So, you can imagine my jubilation when I stumbled across an entire PACK of refrigerator magnets.

On the 1st we got the best spam mail, ever.

We will be there, Boy Scout of America. We will be there.

The 2nd is just more of Bootstap being a pig.

Bootstrap doesn't get allowed into the kitchen until after dinner has been thoroughly cleaned up. But, he always tries to find leftover food somewhere, because he's a fat fat fatty.

Finally, today, the day of all days.

Daniel turned 29.

We had a low-key affair, but I still made him blow out his Birthday candles and watch a zombie video.

We have strange rituals.

Anyway, I'm very glad for this birthday because I love my husband very much. /naked-truth

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