December 4th - 10th, 2011

Twenty-one days left of 2011. We'll see if I can keep up with this blog business past the new year. Either way, pictures, that's why we're here, right?

Hokay, so, here is December 4th.

This looks posed and fake, but it totally isn't. My husband and my cat are like a couple, and although I'm biased, I do believe this picture is super freakin' cute.

On December 5th I took a rare picture of the dog beast.

This is what he does when I pet him. He tries to be all cute - then he pees on the floor. Douchebag.

On the 6th, we found a way to keep Bootstrap from biting the shit out of us.

Shove the diet coke pillow at him. For some reason he cannot resist attacking said pillow when you shove it on his face. Also, his razor sharp teeth do not tear holes in the weird fabric. It's basically a win-win. I will have much fewer scars because of my diet coke pillow.

On the 7th I displayed my Christmas gift from my sister, Maggie.

Basically it's awesome and hilarious. And yes, I'm drinking yellowtail wine - because I'm classy as shit.

On the 8th, I took an embarrassing but endearing picture.

Just watchin' TV. Ok, avert your eyes from my sincerity. It makes me blush.

On the 9th there was a different kind of snuggling.

Between a man and his cat. It looks like Bootstrap is saying something, probably "I love you, Daniel."

Finally, today. Today!

This picture signifies so many things. 1) We finally have shelves!! Aren't you so excited that we don't have to stack our DVD's on the floor?! 2) We went to Ikea so, 3) We finally have a GPS with German maps and 4) We actually went out and did something!!

We ended the day with good Chinese food and I basically stopped hating Germany so much. It's amazing how some financial freedom will allow you to enjoy life more.

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