December 26th - 27th, 2011

It's a Bootstrap-themed post, but aren't they all?

On the 26th he got into one of his... situations.

I seriously do not understand this at all. Apparently I didn't close the cabinet all the way, so to Bootstrap that means it's time to balance on the door to try to get at the plastic bags we keep in there - 'cause plastic bags are his favorite thing to play in. I do not know why he didn't just jump on the floor to get in there, but I guess if he did that he wouldn't be Bootstrap.

My cat's a friggin' freak.

Yesterday we had to take him on a little trip.

Our favorite pirate needed some shots. He jumped around the table like a freak the whole time, and made evil sounds when he got microchipped. I think a human pirate would probably do the same thing.

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