December 31st, 2011

Last post of the year is a picture of me.

Here's me, drinking champagne out of a wine glass, alone at midnight.

My husband is sleeping because he's working 15/16 hour shifts right now. I did wake him up to kiss him at midnight, though, because that's how the year should start.

I'd love to impart some wisdom about 2011, but mostly is was a very up and down year. I learned some patience, some cooking skills, and a whole lot more about marriage - at least my marriage.

2011 was a crazy year, after moving across the country, I moved across an ocean. I'm learning how to live as an adult, and it's not that easy. I'm learning how to live away from my family and friends, and that's not easy. I'm learning how to share space with another human being, and that is just not easy at all, my friends.

But, I'll leave you with this for this year, mistakes are mistakes, and regrets exist no matter how many people tell you to regret nothing. I think it's ok to have regrets. Sure, everything you've done or haven't done has led you to where you are, but there are some things that lead you to a dark alley and it's up to you to find a safe neighborhood out of there. I think regrets are just mistakes you learn from. If you can look back on that one stupid thing you did and see its domino effect, chances are you won't make that mistake again. So, regret all you want, just don't let the regrets pile up and fester at your doorstep, 'cause ain't no one cleaning up that mess but you.

I can't say if 2011 is a banner year, I'll need a few more years to determine that, but a lot changed this year for me. I guess it's good to have a life that's not stagnant, but sometimes, looking on the other side of the fence, a predictable life seems preferable.

But, for now I'll just deal with the life I've been given, and be grateful for where it takes me.

This is yours truly, ending this Project 365, and looking forward to next year. I hope all of your 2012's are amazing.

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  1. Love you photo Caitlyn, So pretty. Im drinking alone too.. Cheers! Happy New Year!