December 15th - 22nd, 2011

Well, 2011 is drawing to a close. So, it makes sense that I would slack on 365 postings, right? That's my excuse. The end of the year makes you busy, sort of.

On the 15th, Bootstrap was lazy.

He likes to sit on my lap, like that. I didn't put him that way at all. AT ALL.

On the 16th, Daniel glared at me.

Turns out he's not terribly fond of me exposing him as the crazy cat lady he is. Go figure.

On the 17th, both my animals were weirdos.

They were for real playing in there. I have no idea why. My pets are freaks.

Again, the 18th was full of freaks.

It's a blurry/crappy picture, but you get the idea, they were play-fighting.

Shit, I took a lot of animal pictures this week. Here's Bootstrap, again, on the 19th.

Yeah, he's drinking tree water. At least he's not eating off dirty plates. Oy.

Finally! A break from the pets! On the 20th I tried to earn my domesticity badge.

I made lasagna! It was pretty good, and provided lunch for my husband for a few days. Cooking for two people is tricky shiz.

I know you were missing him, so here's Bootstrap on the 21st.

We were playing fetch. He thinks he's a dog. He would bring me his rat toy after every time I threw it for him. I guess this is what happens when a kitten grows up with a freak dog.

And finally, the 22nd is something freaky.

My burns have faded into what looks like leopard spots. I'm fashionable now, guys.

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