December 28th - 30th, 2011

Second to last post, y'all. Not too sure I'm going to continue this blog next year, so get it while it lasts.

Anyway, the 28th is just cute.

We use the diet coke pillow to calm Bootstrap down. It's basically the only thing we can think of besides tying him to the bed like a mental patient. It worked in this instance, and he and Daniel enjoyed some snuggle time.

The 29th is a two-fer, guys.

Christmas tree graveyard, y'all. It was kinda depressing getting rid of the tree, but honestly chasing Bootstrap away from it every day is more stress than I need right now. Plus, once I start thinking something needs to get out of my house, I kinda have to get it out of my house. I start twitching, it's weird. Anyway, now Reptar is full of pine needles.

Part two is an awesome present!

The Korbels got us this awesome friggin' oil lamp. I love it. We need more decorative shiz for this house.

Finally, the 30th we got our first snow.

I didn't take any pictures of picturesque, snow-covered Germany. But, this is the view of the roof at the hotel. Having a glass ceiling makes me feel like I'm in Hogwarts sometimes, except when glops of snow gather like this.

If you didn't get that reference you should go buy some Harry Potter books, pronto.


  1. I, for one, like the blog :) I prefer it over Facebook since you get the whole story about your pictures.

  2. @Renee
    Thank you :) I'll probably make a new one, since I like hearing myself talk ;)