July 27th - July 30th, 2011

Not my most exciting game of ketchup, but, still here's a few pictures for you.

On July 27th, I'm providing another lovely work story.

So, there were a couple apples that were damaged (bruised and old) that needed to go to the damaged section. (Just like life) Well, it was my job to put them in that section, and there were a few shopping carts in the way. Instead of doing the easy/smart thing, moving the carts out of the way to put the old apples on the damaged shelf, I threw one, hoping it would land on the shelf.

Instead, it ricocheted off a few things, causing even more damage. Good thing it was headed for that shelf anyway, and now the company can add "covered in apple shit" to the reason the other stuff was damaged.

On the 28th I got proof that Bootstrap is a terror.

The movers broke our bookshelf, so now we have nowhere to put our DVDs except the floor under the TV table.

So, Bootstrap took that as his cue to knock over every single DVD we have.

On the 29th I discovered that Barnacle is going through the change.

The nose change.

He has pink spots on the upper part of his nose. I had a lab growing up, Rosie, and her nose would change seasonally from black to pink. So, I assume Barnacle's nose is changing color like Rosie's did. Either that or he has a weird rash. Either way, he's a freak.

And today is just what happens when you have the longest week, ever.

Wine and cookies. Need I say more?

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