July 26th, 2011

Guess what I had for dinner!

Not "Potted Meat Food Product", but I was seriously tempted.

I really want to know who buys this - it looks like cat food. Are people jealous of cats and their delicious and completely disgusting smelling food? Do they spread the meat food product on bread and have meat food product sandwiches? Do you make Potted-Meat-Food-Product Loaf? Can you make potted meat food product burgers? Or, do you just go for it and put it in a bowl and eat it off the floor - like Bootstrap?

The recipe possibilities for potted meat food product are endless.


  1. Im not sure but I think its a close relative of the product known as "Spam" :/ Any one who would buy any kind of canned meat that is for human consumption clearly must have something wrong with them....