July 19th - July 23rd, 2011

My breaks at work are sacred times. A time of peace and quiet... (July 19th)

and helicopters.

During my break, I go to the airfield on post - mostly because the parking lot is empty. Basically, I need to get away from the torpor of the shoppette, so I go to the place where helicopters take off. I am super clever.

On the 20th, Barnacle got new roommates.

Our government loaner furniture.

Our real furniture was delivered on the 21st and we needed to get the government crap out of the way.

We got our stuff delivered and the most important thing was...


Henry is in Germany, guys. He now lives in our German bedroom - to creep out my husband forever.

I tried putting up pictures when we got all our stuff... (July 22nd)

But, only 4 of my pictures have picture hanger-things on the back. It's really, really annoying. I have a good 8 picture frames waiting to be put up that do not have picture hanger uppers on the back, and the movers broke our bookshelf, so they're scattered around the house.

So now I have to get picture hanger doodads. Lame.

Today, Daniel and I went on a date with the 20 euro I found in the parking lot. So, it seemed only fitting that we take a picture to commemorate the day.

Our first picture together in Germany!


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