July 18th, 2011

So, my new job is a throwback to the beginning of my working life. I haven't worked as a cashier/store worker-bee since I was 20, so I forgot all the fabulous things that go along with a job like that. I get to deal with customers all day, granted soldiers are generally polite because they are trained to be. I get to be on my feet all day, I'm ordering new shoes as soon as possible. I get to fake smile all the live long day.

I also get to stock the refrigerated section - where we store the pops and juice and water and gremlins. Ok maybe not gremlins - but they could be hiding.

I love how frantic this message is. It's almost as if the sign maker took into account how panicked you would be if you were locked in a freezer/refrigerator.

The sad part is, I did get a little worried after I shut the door. I turned the knob rather than pushed it in my attempts to escape the tundra and panicked when the door didn't budge. I imagined getting hypothermia, little icicles forming in my hair as I was surrounded by chilled beverages.

But, at least I would not go thirsty.

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