July 12th - 17th, 2011

Ah, the ketchup game. Where's my poncho?

Having a kitten is fun. (July 12th)

Except when he bites you multiple times in the exact same spot.

This cut hurts like a bitch, he bit me there once, let it heal for a few days, and then bit me there again. This time, the protective skin that had grown over the cut still held on, so I bled underneath it. So, for a few days I could see the congealed blood just laying underneath my skin. It was Gross.

Even before you see it......Ladies. (July 13th)

Seriously? Dirtiest sounding cat treat name, ever.

Also - Bootstrap doesn't eat them, he sniffs them and walks away.

You know what hurts? (July 14th)

When a kitten tries to climb you like Mount Everest.

He jams his claws into my jeans (and skin) to get all the way up to my shoulder - or in this case to the counter. I can't wait till we can rip them shits out.

And July 15th is more just a random, cause nothing really happened.

Bootstrap likes his new toys... That's it.

On the way out of work I think God realized I don't make enough money. (July 16th)

So, He had me find 20 Euro on the ground in the parking lot. That's about 27 USD, guys. WOOT.

Today, July 17th, I witnessed a rare occurence.

Bootstrap and Barnacle lying stationary within feet of one another. Usually, if Bootstrap is anywhere near him Barnacle goes into a frenzy to play with him. However, he was transfixed on whatever he was chewing on, so, I was able to get this picture.

Thrilling life, yo.

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