April 29th - May 1st, 2011

Well, kids, we've entered May, the year is almost half over. Crazy, right?

Anyway. Friday, my fabulous sister, Emily, came to visit - she's stationed in Germany, too. (April 29th)

I showed her my new German digs and we introduced our dogs to one another. Her dog was quite annoyed by the kraken, but then again, who isn't?

Saturday was more laid back, a sweet relaxed evening. (April 30th)

Made more awesome by my wine. I actually got the same (cheap) wine I drink back in the states. Apparently it's so awesome they thought it should be shipped here. The truth is, I can't taste the difference between expensive and cheap wine and I haven't been in Germany long enough to be adventurous with theirs. So - I'm purely pleased with my same ol' wine. And, I don't mean to sound fancy, but this shiz did not come in a box.

Today Ski and I ventured into downtown for lunch, so I documented some more of the town for y'all. (May 1st)

Behold a bell-tower! There are actually bells on the wall that are small and kind of hard to see. So, I say it's a bell tower. I did not see Quasimodo, but I was sure to walk swiftly past the bell tower so that he wouldn't pour boiling oil on us. I might not have taken the precaution on other days, but I happened to look more like a visigoth today than other days.

Ok, I'm done.

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