May 23rd - May 30th, 2011

I've been remiss yet again. Perhaps my boring day to day life has sent me into a Project 365 slump. Either way, here is my photo dump, which almost finishes out May.

In a surprising turn of events, May 23rd's picture is of the kraken.

Barnacle's new favorite place to sleep is underneath the table - because he's a weirdo.

May 24th was an Irish day, and I cut up the biggest head of cabbage I have ever encountered.

Slicing it in half was exceedingly difficult, and as I was sawing at the vegetable, I noticed it looked creepy. So, of course, I took a picture for your viewing pleasure. The cabbage was delicious - by the way.

On May 25th, I noticed an odd friendship had formed in my house.

Edward and the snowman are BFF.

I kind of don't even want to explain this. However. We recently got a fraction of our household goods delivered - these two were in the same packaging and got set aside and forgotten in a flurry of unwrapping plates and cups, because there's not a clear place to put a Twilight doll and one random Christmas ornament.

On this day I noticed that they appear to be holding hands, and that the little sign on Frosty appeared to be proclaiming their best friendship. I say go for it inanimate objects, the world can always use friends.

On the 26th I took a brief cursory exploration trip around the housing and came upon this bench.

When I see it, I imagine it was built just after World War II, just because of its state of disrepair, and the fact that anything historical I see here I equate with World War II. I understand that Germany has a far greater and longer history than World War II, and as a history minor I should take that into account when citing historical items, but I still always think of the 1930's and 40's.

That being said, it's very possible that this bench was built in 1993 and it just fell into disrepair three years ago. But I still think it was built in 1946 and that's why it wildflowers are growing through it.

On May 27th I found a rather amusing bookmark.

Yes, folks, this is my Minister ID badge - I became a minister to perform the ceremony for my sister's wedding. I'm not particularly religious, and really have no right to be in charge of faith for anyone. But, I am legally capable of baptizing your kids, so be wary if I'm ever near them with say a garden hose or a glass of water.

On May 28th I came upon a snow storm.

Apparently the freezer door was left open a crack, and a blizzard ensued. Everything was showered in icy flakes, including the floor in front of the refrigerator.

On May 29th, there was a Kraken attack.

Barnacle wormed his way onto the couch and proceeded to go berserk, at the encouragement of my husband. That pretty much says it all.

Today, I took the kraken for a walk.

We came across numerous anti-dog signs around a track/dog area. Barnacle took personal offense to them.

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