May 9th - May 15th, 2011

Yeah, I'm playing catch up again. I also have no excuse for it, except maybe that I do the same thing day after day and thus have nothing to photograph. That being said - most of my pictures are boring, and revolve around a dog.

May 9th is a little bit interesting - my puppy is slowly morphing into an adult dog.

He lost one of his canines. I actually caught him hacking this up and forced him to spit it out. Since this picture he has lost both of his canines, plus another tooth. Needless to say - Barnacle is in full on teething mode. It's super awesome. I can't wait until he's done and stops chewing on everything - including the walls.

On May 10th I just took a random picture.

I got this green heart off of a German wine bottle I purchased. I decided to hang it from one of our cabinet handles, 'cause...well why not?

May 11th was almost my dog's 6 month birthday (actually I made up his birthday). So, here's a picture of the kraken.

He's getting huge-mongous.

My May 12th photo is not a product placement, but rather a disturbing advertisement photo.

This woman clearly needs to step back from her relationship with her dog and seriously question if it verges on bestiality.

I mean, come on, she seriously looks like she's about to make out with her dog. There's loving your pet and then there's loving your pet - don't cross that line, folks.

May 13th was Daniel and my six month wedding anniversary.

He got me beautiful flowers - including lilies, which I love. I made him an awesome meal, because apparently I can cook a little now. Never thought that would happen.

On the weekends I get to venture into the city (Ansbach), so you get a picture that is not taken inside of my apartment. (May 14th)

I've passed by this mural a few times, and it appears to be inspired by downtown Ansbach. Anyway, I think it's cool, so I took a picture of it.

Finally, today. (May 15th)

Ski and I were relaxing on the couch, semi-cuddling, and Barnacle got jealous and decided to join in. Basically any time my husband and I touch, Barnacle runs over and forces his way in because he's a jealous SOB.


  1. Great pictures! Its so crazy to actually find a puppy tooth.. My Daughter found one of our puppy's teeth and I didnt believe her at first. It was one of the back ones and looks like a crown. I later found the other one. So weird.

  2. @Robin W. Thanks! It was the first one I found, he lost other ones before and we never saw them. I'm hoping he's almost done losing teeth since canines are the big ones, but I guess we'll see...