May 16th - May 18th, 2011

So, I only waited half a week to post this time. Progress people, I'm makin' it.

Now, this picture may lead you to believe that I took it in a back alley somewhere, or perhaps at a World War II ruin. But, it was taken in the courtyard of a government apartment building - the one where I live. (May 16th)

I don't know why this cone is here, or what that screen thing is on top of it, but I do know that I had to trudge over broken glass to get to it to take a picture of it - literally. When I heard that our section of housing was the ghetto housing, I guess it was true. Where I live apparently people get really rowdy and throw metal screens at cones and then smash glass for good measure.

We party hard in the army.

Yesterday's picture is just furthering my obsession with German weeds, they are far better than American weeds. All America has is dandy lions, and dandy lions are stupid. (I am clearly a weed expert)

May 17th

I like the miniature daisy weeds, and I got one of the cute little blue flowers in the shot for good measure.

Perhaps my finding beauty in the weeds hear stems from the fact that the "landscaping" by my apartment is a lot of dirt, random patches of overgrown grass, weeds, and broken glass and garbage. We're fancy here.

Today, a dog sent us to the poor house. (May 18th)

Most expensive vet visit to date - including getting the kraken neutered. Barnacle has hookworm so he needs medication (and another vet visit). He also had to get yet another vaccination, plus a heartworm test, plus frontline (we pulled two ticks off of him this past weekend), and his fulltime worm medication.

This dog is 6 months old and taking as much medication as a senior citizen.

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