November 17th - 23rd, 2011

To preface this, I skipped a day. I blame Twilight infused haze. I missed the day the new Twilight came out 'cause I was seeing it in the theater. Think of me what you will.

Anyway, on November 17th my wife and I went to Target.

She was glaring at another customer like that, then she turned her wrath on me, it might've been because I was trying to take her sweet headband.

November 18th was Twilight craziness ie Beatles craziness. Except with more vampires.

On November 19th my friends and I went to Marshall Fields - not Macy's, 'cause Macy's is for devil worshipers - to go see their big tree.

It was an excellent day, certainly one of the best of the trip. We laughed and gossiped and bitched and ate Frango mints, and for good measure we took odd pictures in front of the (shitty) windows that made parents uncomfortable - I could swear I saw a few shooing their children away from the freaks mimicking the puppets. I miss my friends a lot, and I wish we didn't live in Germany.

On the 20th I had my first Thanksgiving of the season.

Two of my sisters were also in town, so we celebrated with turkey and football. I'm not big on football, but drinking wine and hanging out with family I don't get to see often is good for me. Plus, the dinner was delicious.

I took the picture of the day on the plane, and technically it was the sunrise, but I was still on Chicago time, so it counts.

The little sliver is the moon, and you can see the wing of the plane. On every single flight of this trip I was on the wing of the plane, and on the same side - and I took 4 planes this trip. It was odd and coincidental. But, I don't feel like it was a real coincidence, cause I'm a crazy hippy. But I do not know what it means.

On the 22nd I hung up a lone Christmas decoration I bought in Chicago.

A snoopy gel cling! I hung it in the kitchen window because our decorations feel very concentrated. Also - I was very sleep deprived.

Today, Bootstrap demonstrated his new favorite toy.

The sponge. He carries it around in his mouth - like so. He's a freak of the week. Daniel has to hide the sponge in the dishwasher so he doesn't get it. Needless to say that sponge has been cleaned Many times.

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