August 26th - September 3rd, 2011

Ketchup means a briefly worded blog, yo.

August 26th was a weird playing ritual.

Daniel spins Barnacle around and around and then lets go - wherein wrestling ensues. It's a little weird.

August 27th = more playing.

Bootstrap clamps down on Barnacle's ears and pulls. Apparently they both enjoy it.

On August 28th we took Barnacle for another walk.

Barnacle freaks out if I lag behind to try and take pictures. So he continuously turns around to check that I haven't abandoned him. It's kind of cute/weird.

The 29th was a tribute to how big Bootstrap has gotten.

Perhaps he's so big because he steals all the food off of our plates.

On the 30th I saw a creepy German puppet.

I think this was a German jeweler repair shop. I think puppets must do all the work because there was more than one pupped at this storefront. I almost want to break a necklace to have them fix it - and demand to see how it happens.

August 31st is a testament to Barnacle's patheticness.

He likes to lay his head on my lap when he's feeling particularly emo.

On September 1st, Barnacle found another dog who could stand him.

This was toward the end of Barnacle's playdate with Bailey - most of which was spent sprinting around the skatepark they were playing in.

The second was just a hilarious sighting.

I don't know what a titan dildo is, but it's hilarious that someone is driving around advertising it.

And, finally, today.

I made Daniel put on a shark tooth necklace so I could take a picture of him. Because I'm an awesome wife.

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