September 8th, 2011

Today's picture is split in two. It's a story, if you will.

The first part has to do with the fact that our kitten is a fucking pig.

In the twenty minutes between dinner and cleaning dishes Bootstrap followed his piggy nose into the almost empty bowl of food (beef for philly sandwiches) and licked it clean. Of course, I felt the need to document that my kitten gets into more food than my dog. It was pretty funny when it looked like he was wearing the bowl as a hat as he attempted to lick the beefy depths.

It was all funny - until we smelled him.

Basically he smelled like beefy ass. So, we had to clean him.

Behold, Bootstrap's first bath.

To put it lightly, he did not enjoy it. He scratched the shit out of my arms, which are now alive with pink welts. He squirmed around like a water weasel, it's amazing I didn't drop him. We scrubbed the beef smell out of him with Barnacle's oatmeal shampoo though, and now he resembles a wet rat.

A wet rat who smells like oatmeal.

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