September 9th - 14th, 2011

A week of catchup, with a missing day. I forgot one.

On the ninth, Bootstrap played with his brother's toys.

Bootstrap really acts like Barnacle's little brother. He is constantly playing with his toys when he has his own, frequently attempting to take them out of Barancle's mouth. Bootstrap also likes to pounce on Barnacle when he's trying to sleep in an ever-present bid for attention.

On the 10th we took Barnacle for a walk and came upon something odd.

Looks like chalk outlines of dead angels. I don't really know why they were there, but I took a picture of them.

The eleventh saw the result of Daniel taunting Barnacle.

Daniel slowly sipped at his bottle of water for almost a half an hour, taunting Barnacle - who waited patiently to rip the bottle apart after Daniel was finished. Barnacle literally sat in front of Daniel and whined the entire time. However, after awhile Barnacle got upset and pounced on Daniel, chewing at the bottle which was still full of water and still in Daniel's hand.

The 13th is just another example of my marrying a cat lady unwittingly.

Clearly, Daniel was unhappy to have photographic evidence of his ladyness.

Finally, today, I took a picture of another cute pumpkin creature.

Pumpkin bumblebee!!

Germans know about their seasonal cuteness.

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