September 15th - 20th, 2011

Time for ketchup.

September 15th is a deja vu of creepiness.

This is the other creepy doll at the jewelery store. Perhaps creepy things are good selling points to Germans. But, I'm afraid to ever walk into the store for fear that the dolls will spring to life and attack me with their tiny hammers. That would be a bad/creepy way to go.

September 16th is a deja vu of cat ladyness.

I think this might be the cutest cat lady picture I've taken yet.

The next day, September 17th, is another cat picture, perhaps I'm the cat lady.

Here is Bootstrap in his new favorite place - the closet.

To continue the pet theme, here is Daniel and Barnacle necking.

Literally. Not much else to say.

Might as well keep it goin'. September 19th:

Almost every day Bootstrap watches Daniel do the dishes from a close distance - and sometimes he attempts to dive into the dishwasher.

Finally, today.

I used to have 10 wine glasses. 6 are cheap, thin, and crappy. I bought them at Ikea. 4 were moderately more expensive, thick, and nice. There is only one glass left of the latter set. Somehow 75 percent of the nice glasses have broken, 2 by the craziness of cats, and now one by the craziness of my dishwasher apparently - it just came out like that.

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