August 21st - 25th, 2011

It's five days of mostly animals, guys. What can I say, my life is officially revolving around furry creatures.

August 21st is something creepy to do with my dog.

He has flaps in his ears, on both ears. Daniel and I just noticed it. I knew his ears flipped weird ways, and now I know why, because of the creepy folds in his giant ears. Daniel says his ears look like bird wings, so apparently all those Dumbo jokes I've made about him could have been right on the money. I'm thinking about giving him a feather so he can learn to fly.

The next day was an example of bootstrap being a weirdo. (August 22nd)

Daniel left his drawer open (I don't know why), and I came in later to find Bootstrap sleeping in it. Of course, when I called Daniel over to see him, he immediately got up and ran around the room - thus exemplifying the other part of his freak persona.

And for the 23rd, we are back to Barnacle.

Ok, first of all, my dog shrinks by about half when he's wet, so that's fun to watch.

Second, it looks like we're being mean here, but really we were giving him a cool bath because it was so hot outside (and inside because Germans don't believe in air conditioning). He was panting all day so I decided it was bath-time, and he was much happier when he got out of the bath.

He also smelled a lot better.

On the 24th, Bootstrap and Barnacle tag teamed it to irritate me.

As if it's not bad enough that Bootstrap regularly knocks over his own food dish - he thought he would knock Barnacle's too. Luckily, Barnacle's dish is on the floor, so he couldn't really knock it completely over, instead he just decorated the floor with his food. So, Barnacle came over to oblige Bootstrap in eating it. Freaks.

To round out this entry, something very ordinary and every-day. (August 25th)

Daniel loading the dishwasher. Yeah, pretty much nothing happened today.

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