October 22nd - 26th. 2011

I'm not in the best mood today, so I apologize if this post is less than cheerful.

On the 22nd I had very odd bath partners.

Bootstrap's mouse toys. Apparently the best place to store his kills is in our bathtub.

On the 23rd I attempted to watch TV.

But, Bootstrap's favorite place to lay is on the DVD player in front of the TV - probably because it's warm. And yes, I was watching Gilmore Girls.

On the 24th I took Barnacle for a walk and took an Ok picture.

The roses are somehow still around - but they are dying, and covered in a bed of dead leaves. I suppose I was going for arty - but it turned out blurry and lame. Can't win em all.

On the 25th I found out my cat is secretly spiderman.

For normal cats this wouldn't seem so weird, but Bootstrap has trouble even jumping over the baby gate. Nine times out of ten he knocks the thing over. Nevertheless, I heard an odd metal clanging sound and looked over to see that the sound was the effect of his paws on the oven fan thing (I know, I'm very technical). I let him stay up there for as long as it took to get a good picture of it, then I took him off it and he didn't even try to get back up there. I think he was shocked that he even made it up there in the first place.

Yesterday, the 26th, I spent three hours in the laundromat.

I had to dry wrinkles out of shower curtains for the new hotel I'm working at, which turned out to be an entirely frustrating task. After being in the dryer for what seemed like hours, the original wrinkles from being packaged were gone. However, a myriad of new wrinkles appeared because the curtains did a strange mating dance while in the dryer, so when I tried to get them out it seemed to take an expert knowledge of knots - which I do not have - to get them untangled. Needless to say - they are still wrinkled and piled in a heap in my trunk, to be figured out another day.

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