October 12th - 21st, 2011

Well, not exactly my finest exhibition at keeping up with Project 365. However, since you are promised a show, here it is, it might not be exciting, though.

On October 12th I found a rather spectacular slide.

I was walking Barnacle and came upon this. I was tempted to grab Barnacle and go down, but I'm pretty sure that would have ended in a lot of scratches and yelping, and the MPs being called on me. It might've been worth it, though.

The 13th shows you that my cat is a creepy weirdo.

Whenever Bootstrap is within the vicinity when the toilet flushes he races over to look inside it. I don't know what he's expecting to find, but it's weird, and he does it all the time.

On the 14th I found the local gay clown bar.

Again, on a walk with Barnacle I stumbled across this. I assume it's a front for a theater, but this sign seriously points to it being a hangout for gay clowns. I mean, the butt pop alone on that clown says that. I would go some night, but clowns freak me out.

On the 15th we get another chapter of the crazy cat lady.

Ah snuggle time.

And for the 16th, here's another look at the town!

There are some good views on the other side of housing. We get the ghetto side, filled with broken glass and barbed wire. Thanks, army!

October 17th shows Bootstrap being weird in the bathroom again.

Whenever I'm doing my hair, et cetera, Bootstrap follows me in to stare at me, like a creep. Quite often I turn around and find him just sitting in the bathtub, again like a creep. Basically, my cat is a creep.

On my way home from my second day of work *gasp*, I came across a very agrarian scene.

SHEEP!!! Plus, a bonus creeper sheep staring at me while I took this picture. German life is so fast paced, guys.

On my third day of work I seriously considered a career change (October 19th).

While setting up the new hotel I get to wear scrubs to work. I think a medical career is in my future, because those bitches are comfy.

On my fourth day of work, I shuddered. (October 20th)

I just tell myself that the numbers belong to the rooms...

Finally, Barnacle in jail. (October 21st)

We finally got a gate to keep Barnacle from tearing around the house, and he's already chewed on it.

I love having a dog sometimes.

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