October 6th - 11th, 2011

Jumping right into it.

So, our housing leaves a lot of crap laying around - garbage mostly. But, I've also stumbled across traffic cones and discarded fences, and now, barbed wire. (October 6th)

Here is a spool of barbed wire, leaning up against an apartment building. I think the best part of this is that it's about 10 feet from a park, located right behind me as I took this picture. Kids! Our new playground feature: Razor sharp metal spikes!


On the 7th I found out that Bootstrap thinks he's a person.

I found him laying like this - I did not put the blankets over him, he curled up like that all by himself. What a freak of the week.

On Saturday, the 8th, I found out the enemy exists in Germany.

Sox fans. They followed me here.

On the 9th I woke up to something not entirely out of the ordinary.

Bootstrap laying on Daniel's face. This lasted for a good fifteen minutes. Weirdos.

On the 10th I realized that signs in German tend to be more sinister.

Our neighborhood watch signs are in English and in German, but I think the German ones are creepier. The English speaking creeper guy just look like a comic book cartoon. The German creeper looks like he's going to burn the village to the ground. Crazy German creepers, yo.

I decided today was Barnacle day.

When I take Barnacle inside he tends to go ahead of me, and then turn around when I'm not next to him, like, "Are you coming???"

He's a dork. But, he's cute sometimes.

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