August 6th - 11th, 2011

Alright kids, the theme of this week of ketchup is injuries.

Day one, August 6th:

Daniel and I went to the movies, and it was fun and full of laughter and popcorn - until I ran into the armrest of one of the chairs on the way out. I ran into it Hard. I have a huge bruise (that is now yellowish-green - it looks like I was punched by a dragon). It hurt like a Bitch. What's really sad about this whole situation is that I run into things a lot. It's like I have no concept of where my body ends - either that or I pay very little attention. Probably both.

August 7th was Lily's insult to Barnacle:

"I can be on the couch and you can't, sucka"

August 8th was just an injury to my ego:

I got a speeding ticket, for going about 6-7 miles over the speed limit. I don't really care about the ticket, it was 15 euro - about 20 dollars. What I care about is that the picture is probably the best picture of me ever taken, and I can't get my hands on it. Damn you, Germans! You can't take a glamor shot like that and keep it to yourselves! I mean, I know I look beautiful squinting with my mouth open, but damn - share the wealth.

Side note, my husband was the one who got the ticket, it was delivered to the MP station. So, I got a picture message of the ticket and the love note: "say cheese, criminal."

I have the sweetest husband, ever.

On August 9th, I may have overdone it a little.

I put together an ikea dresser by myself. Well, Daniel came home for the very last part and helped with the drawers. But, the bulk of it was built by yours truly.

Now, I am proud of myself, considering it's clear that I'm a master crastman. But, I felt like I got hit by a truck the next day from all the bending and squatting and lifting. . . ladies.

August 10th is hilarious.

I was just taking random pictures of Bootstrap to show how big he's getting, and randomly got this. He looks like a zombie going after brains. Maybe he's been watching zombie movies with my husband when I'm not home - or maybe he's just a freak. Either way, it's seriously the best picture of him, ever.

And to round it out, today, August 11th, I showcase another bruise.

I got this one when I pulled the shower head out and it smacked down straight onto my arm.

But, I've been telling people I got it in a dance fight. It's the way cool kids get their bruises.

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