August 12th - 18th, 2011

Let's kick this off with something creepy on August 12th.

I see this stand every time I walk into the bank and it creeps me out every single time. If I was a kid I think I'd be too scared of those puppet things to learn anything about money from them.

August 13th is just an every day occurrence.

Daniel being weird with Bootstrap. I don't really remember why this was happening, I just remember seeing it and thinking I should take a picture to commemorate that my husband has become a crazy cat lady.

August 14th is a weekly annoyance.

Bootstrap knocked over his food dish. Again.

His dish has to be on the counter because otherwise Barnacle will eat it. So, in order to retaliate for having to jump for his food, Bootstrap has taken to knocking it over every couple of days so I can clean it up. It's a thrilling, annoying life I lead.

Now, for a weird occurrence lately. August 15th:

This is the third or fourth pacifier I've found abandoned in a weird place (grass/dirt/street/sidewalk). Now, I know babies are known for discarding their possessions at will, but I never noticed an over abundance of pacifiers strewn about the world before.

Perhaps babies have a growing trend for hating pacifiers. But, I don't know the trends for babies.

On the 16th, I documented something I don't mind about Germany - or at least this part of Germany.

There are a lot of sunflowers around. They're very pretty. But, I still kinda want to go home.

I ventured to the downtown area yesterday, the 17th.

Beside this plastic child being creepy, I have one question: BOY OR GIRL?!

Finally, today is a Barnacle day.

He is now 9 months old and huge and somehow still has 3 more months of growth. I really hope he's almost done because pretty soon we're going to need stables.

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