August 21st - 25th, 2011

It's five days of mostly animals, guys. What can I say, my life is officially revolving around furry creatures.

August 21st is something creepy to do with my dog.

He has flaps in his ears, on both ears. Daniel and I just noticed it. I knew his ears flipped weird ways, and now I know why, because of the creepy folds in his giant ears. Daniel says his ears look like bird wings, so apparently all those Dumbo jokes I've made about him could have been right on the money. I'm thinking about giving him a feather so he can learn to fly.

The next day was an example of bootstrap being a weirdo. (August 22nd)

Daniel left his drawer open (I don't know why), and I came in later to find Bootstrap sleeping in it. Of course, when I called Daniel over to see him, he immediately got up and ran around the room - thus exemplifying the other part of his freak persona.

And for the 23rd, we are back to Barnacle.

Ok, first of all, my dog shrinks by about half when he's wet, so that's fun to watch.

Second, it looks like we're being mean here, but really we were giving him a cool bath because it was so hot outside (and inside because Germans don't believe in air conditioning). He was panting all day so I decided it was bath-time, and he was much happier when he got out of the bath.

He also smelled a lot better.

On the 24th, Bootstrap and Barnacle tag teamed it to irritate me.

As if it's not bad enough that Bootstrap regularly knocks over his own food dish - he thought he would knock Barnacle's too. Luckily, Barnacle's dish is on the floor, so he couldn't really knock it completely over, instead he just decorated the floor with his food. So, Barnacle came over to oblige Bootstrap in eating it. Freaks.

To round out this entry, something very ordinary and every-day. (August 25th)

Daniel loading the dishwasher. Yeah, pretty much nothing happened today.

August 20th, 2011

The third straight day of Barnacle, feel privileged.

We took Barnacle on a walk in the Bavarian countryside, wherein we walked through woods, fields, and past a small town - here is our view of the town.

We walked for about an hour and Barnacle has spent the rest of the day lying around. What a fatty.

August 19th, 2011

My dog is a freak.

Every time he hears sizzling sounds on the stove he freaks out. He hides under tables, his tail droops, he cowers in the corner. I don't know why this has started happening, I don't frequently pour hot oil on my dog or anything. But, tonight he freaked out so much that he knocked over the barrier that keeps him in the living room and streaked off for the safety of his crate.


August 12th - 18th, 2011

Let's kick this off with something creepy on August 12th.

I see this stand every time I walk into the bank and it creeps me out every single time. If I was a kid I think I'd be too scared of those puppet things to learn anything about money from them.

August 13th is just an every day occurrence.

Daniel being weird with Bootstrap. I don't really remember why this was happening, I just remember seeing it and thinking I should take a picture to commemorate that my husband has become a crazy cat lady.

August 14th is a weekly annoyance.

Bootstrap knocked over his food dish. Again.

His dish has to be on the counter because otherwise Barnacle will eat it. So, in order to retaliate for having to jump for his food, Bootstrap has taken to knocking it over every couple of days so I can clean it up. It's a thrilling, annoying life I lead.

Now, for a weird occurrence lately. August 15th:

This is the third or fourth pacifier I've found abandoned in a weird place (grass/dirt/street/sidewalk). Now, I know babies are known for discarding their possessions at will, but I never noticed an over abundance of pacifiers strewn about the world before.

Perhaps babies have a growing trend for hating pacifiers. But, I don't know the trends for babies.

On the 16th, I documented something I don't mind about Germany - or at least this part of Germany.

There are a lot of sunflowers around. They're very pretty. But, I still kinda want to go home.

I ventured to the downtown area yesterday, the 17th.

Beside this plastic child being creepy, I have one question: BOY OR GIRL?!

Finally, today is a Barnacle day.

He is now 9 months old and huge and somehow still has 3 more months of growth. I really hope he's almost done because pretty soon we're going to need stables.

August 6th - 11th, 2011

Alright kids, the theme of this week of ketchup is injuries.

Day one, August 6th:

Daniel and I went to the movies, and it was fun and full of laughter and popcorn - until I ran into the armrest of one of the chairs on the way out. I ran into it Hard. I have a huge bruise (that is now yellowish-green - it looks like I was punched by a dragon). It hurt like a Bitch. What's really sad about this whole situation is that I run into things a lot. It's like I have no concept of where my body ends - either that or I pay very little attention. Probably both.

August 7th was Lily's insult to Barnacle:

"I can be on the couch and you can't, sucka"

August 8th was just an injury to my ego:

I got a speeding ticket, for going about 6-7 miles over the speed limit. I don't really care about the ticket, it was 15 euro - about 20 dollars. What I care about is that the picture is probably the best picture of me ever taken, and I can't get my hands on it. Damn you, Germans! You can't take a glamor shot like that and keep it to yourselves! I mean, I know I look beautiful squinting with my mouth open, but damn - share the wealth.

Side note, my husband was the one who got the ticket, it was delivered to the MP station. So, I got a picture message of the ticket and the love note: "say cheese, criminal."

I have the sweetest husband, ever.

On August 9th, I may have overdone it a little.

I put together an ikea dresser by myself. Well, Daniel came home for the very last part and helped with the drawers. But, the bulk of it was built by yours truly.

Now, I am proud of myself, considering it's clear that I'm a master crastman. But, I felt like I got hit by a truck the next day from all the bending and squatting and lifting. . . ladies.

August 10th is hilarious.

I was just taking random pictures of Bootstrap to show how big he's getting, and randomly got this. He looks like a zombie going after brains. Maybe he's been watching zombie movies with my husband when I'm not home - or maybe he's just a freak. Either way, it's seriously the best picture of him, ever.

And to round it out, today, August 11th, I showcase another bruise.

I got this one when I pulled the shower head out and it smacked down straight onto my arm.

But, I've been telling people I got it in a dance fight. It's the way cool kids get their bruises.

July 31st - August 5th, 2011

It's been a busy week. I'm playing foster parent to two more pets, my sister had to go back to the states so we're watching her animals for 2 weeks - basically our pet family has doubled. It's a little crazy.

Anyway, July 31st.

Marvin felt most safe in our mixing bowl. Daniel felt it would be most safe for use if we cleaned it immediately.

August 1st, the dogs spend a lot of time stealing toys and bones and fighting.

This is a rare moment of the two not being at each others' throats.

The cats mostly just wrestle. (August 2nd)

When Marvin actually comes out, Bootstrap runs after him like a bat out of hell. Though, I have seen Marvin go after him, too. The roll around biting each other for a few seconds and then take off running. It's kind of funny.

On August 3rd, I saw the best muscle magazine, ever.

This guy is making the best. face. ever.

Daniel prefers Lily to Barnacle (August 4th).

Mostly because Lily would rather sleep than do anything else.

The reason we let her on the couch, though, is 'cause when she's around Barnacle she play-fights with him all day, and she's really. fucking. loud. We basically let her on the couch to get some quiet.

August 5th.

...That's what she said.