July 27th - July 30th, 2011

Not my most exciting game of ketchup, but, still here's a few pictures for you.

On July 27th, I'm providing another lovely work story.

So, there were a couple apples that were damaged (bruised and old) that needed to go to the damaged section. (Just like life) Well, it was my job to put them in that section, and there were a few shopping carts in the way. Instead of doing the easy/smart thing, moving the carts out of the way to put the old apples on the damaged shelf, I threw one, hoping it would land on the shelf.

Instead, it ricocheted off a few things, causing even more damage. Good thing it was headed for that shelf anyway, and now the company can add "covered in apple shit" to the reason the other stuff was damaged.

On the 28th I got proof that Bootstrap is a terror.

The movers broke our bookshelf, so now we have nowhere to put our DVDs except the floor under the TV table.

So, Bootstrap took that as his cue to knock over every single DVD we have.

On the 29th I discovered that Barnacle is going through the change.

The nose change.

He has pink spots on the upper part of his nose. I had a lab growing up, Rosie, and her nose would change seasonally from black to pink. So, I assume Barnacle's nose is changing color like Rosie's did. Either that or he has a weird rash. Either way, he's a freak.

And today is just what happens when you have the longest week, ever.

Wine and cookies. Need I say more?

July 26th, 2011

Guess what I had for dinner!

Not "Potted Meat Food Product", but I was seriously tempted.

I really want to know who buys this - it looks like cat food. Are people jealous of cats and their delicious and completely disgusting smelling food? Do they spread the meat food product on bread and have meat food product sandwiches? Do you make Potted-Meat-Food-Product Loaf? Can you make potted meat food product burgers? Or, do you just go for it and put it in a bowl and eat it off the floor - like Bootstrap?

The recipe possibilities for potted meat food product are endless.

July 25th, 2011

Since yesterday I showed how psychotic Bootstrap is, today I opted for one of his cuter quirks. You know, besides impaling my husband's ear.

Climbing in the TV box we use as a makeshift baby gate.

I have to say, this quirk, although it looks adorable, is kind of annoying, because he finds his way into the box, then Barnacle comes over and knocks it over. For some reason I find it incredibly, unbelievably annoying. Mostly because then I have to get up to put it right-side up.

You would think a clever person would just get a baby gate and get rid of the box.

But, I never claimed to be clever.

July 24th, 2011

Bootstrap unleashed his fury on Daniel this time.

He bit his ear and I had to pull him off.

He's kind of psychotic.

It's healed up a bit in this picture because I put triple antibiotic stuff on it, but it bled a lot when it happened.  I think it looks like Daniel had his earring ripped out in a raucous bar fight.

But, really it was a fight with a fuzzy kitten.

July 19th - July 23rd, 2011

My breaks at work are sacred times. A time of peace and quiet... (July 19th)

and helicopters.

During my break, I go to the airfield on post - mostly because the parking lot is empty. Basically, I need to get away from the torpor of the shoppette, so I go to the place where helicopters take off. I am super clever.

On the 20th, Barnacle got new roommates.

Our government loaner furniture.

Our real furniture was delivered on the 21st and we needed to get the government crap out of the way.

We got our stuff delivered and the most important thing was...


Henry is in Germany, guys. He now lives in our German bedroom - to creep out my husband forever.

I tried putting up pictures when we got all our stuff... (July 22nd)

But, only 4 of my pictures have picture hanger-things on the back. It's really, really annoying. I have a good 8 picture frames waiting to be put up that do not have picture hanger uppers on the back, and the movers broke our bookshelf, so they're scattered around the house.

So now I have to get picture hanger doodads. Lame.

Today, Daniel and I went on a date with the 20 euro I found in the parking lot. So, it seemed only fitting that we take a picture to commemorate the day.

Our first picture together in Germany!


July 18th, 2011

So, my new job is a throwback to the beginning of my working life. I haven't worked as a cashier/store worker-bee since I was 20, so I forgot all the fabulous things that go along with a job like that. I get to deal with customers all day, granted soldiers are generally polite because they are trained to be. I get to be on my feet all day, I'm ordering new shoes as soon as possible. I get to fake smile all the live long day.

I also get to stock the refrigerated section - where we store the pops and juice and water and gremlins. Ok maybe not gremlins - but they could be hiding.

I love how frantic this message is. It's almost as if the sign maker took into account how panicked you would be if you were locked in a freezer/refrigerator.

The sad part is, I did get a little worried after I shut the door. I turned the knob rather than pushed it in my attempts to escape the tundra and panicked when the door didn't budge. I imagined getting hypothermia, little icicles forming in my hair as I was surrounded by chilled beverages.

But, at least I would not go thirsty.

July 12th - 17th, 2011

Ah, the ketchup game. Where's my poncho?

Having a kitten is fun. (July 12th)

Except when he bites you multiple times in the exact same spot.

This cut hurts like a bitch, he bit me there once, let it heal for a few days, and then bit me there again. This time, the protective skin that had grown over the cut still held on, so I bled underneath it. So, for a few days I could see the congealed blood just laying underneath my skin. It was Gross.

Even before you see it......Ladies. (July 13th)

Seriously? Dirtiest sounding cat treat name, ever.

Also - Bootstrap doesn't eat them, he sniffs them and walks away.

You know what hurts? (July 14th)

When a kitten tries to climb you like Mount Everest.

He jams his claws into my jeans (and skin) to get all the way up to my shoulder - or in this case to the counter. I can't wait till we can rip them shits out.

And July 15th is more just a random, cause nothing really happened.

Bootstrap likes his new toys... That's it.

On the way out of work I think God realized I don't make enough money. (July 16th)

So, He had me find 20 Euro on the ground in the parking lot. That's about 27 USD, guys. WOOT.

Today, July 17th, I witnessed a rare occurence.

Bootstrap and Barnacle lying stationary within feet of one another. Usually, if Bootstrap is anywhere near him Barnacle goes into a frenzy to play with him. However, he was transfixed on whatever he was chewing on, so, I was able to get this picture.

Thrilling life, yo.

July 11th, 2011

Late night walks don't lend the best picture quality.

But, you deal with what you get.

I don't know why I got the urge to take the Barnacle on a walk at 10 o'clock at night, but I did. It's a lot less annoying taking him on walks at night rather than during the day, because there aren't a million dogs and people for him to run at like a wild jackal.

However, we did come across about 25 rabbits on our walk, and he tried to go after each and every one of them. Seeing as Daniel maimed a rabbit this morning with his car that ran out in front of him, I figured our family had assassinated enough hares for one day - so I steered Barnacle away.

July 9th - 10th, 2011

If you pick Bootstrap up from the front he curls into a ball. If you pick Bootstrap up from the back...

He hangs like a limp noodle.

I don't know why he does this, but it provides Daniel and I with endless entertainment.

Speaking of Daniel... (July 10th)

Apparently I married Billy Idol, guys.

I may or may not have done that to his hair.

July 8th, 2011

Today was a pretty good day.



I finally, FINALLY got my car. It is so much better than Daniel's hooptie. I don't have to smash the pedals to get it to go, I don't have to worry about whether or not it will start. Plus - Reptar is a badass dinosaur, so he's automatically better.

The sucky part is we have to fix the alignment and get new front tires. But, that's not as bad as it could be - we don't have to replace the brakes or the engine or the propellers - so it's ok. P.S. I know a lot about cars.

On the way to get the car I also got a call from one of the interviews I went on and I got a job. It's a major relief. I mean, it's not my dream job, but I'm grateful to have a job on a base of very scarce jobs. It's going to allow me to breathe easier, for sure. Besides, I think a three month vacation was enough.

Here's hoping things keep looking on up.

July 2nd - 7th, 2011

It's a slippery slope, this catch-up game. Not to be confused with the ketchup game, which can get messy if you're not wearing a poncho.

I apologize for my lackluster attempts to keep up with this blog as of late. I'll try to do better. Maybe.

Anyway. July 2nd.

I actually didn't put Bootstrap in there. I asked Daniel where he was and we started looking around and around, only to discover our psycho kitten had decided to explore the kitchen sink. Like a freak.

Now, the third.

I find it interesting that this package of printer paper has a leaf on it. It's like the tears of the tree they cut down to make my paper.

I think I'm gonna go be a lumberjack.

And, we celebrated Independence Day with a new kitten.

Well, not a new kitten for us. Turns out Emily found a new kitten on our base in Germany so her and my brother-in-law, Matt, came out for the day to get Marvin.

Marvin was totally chill and not into Bootstrap, he did not have time for his antics. Apparently I'm only allowed to get psycho pets. Go figure.

Aaaand, the fifth!

I bought this UK version of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban three years ago and this is the first time I've actually read it. I think I'm mostly a snob and favor my fancy hardcover HP books. But, I figured I should read it as it's been gathering dust for years. It was pretty cool, guys.

The best part? Brits spell "meow", "maiow". AWESOME.

The sixth!

We registered my car a week ago and all of the stuff has been sitting on the window ledge taunting me, because we still don't have Reptar. I want my damn car back.

Finally, July 7th.

I looked down at my arm and did a double take. Next to my stargazer lily there's a line bruise.

It almost looks like it's part of my tattoo, and you know who's the most-likely artist behind it? The Barnacle.

July 1st, 2011

To ring in July...


It may be hail that clumped up on the side of the road, but it sure looks like snow to me. Suffice it to say, it was cold enough for it to clump like this - probably in the 50s. I will say that I do enjoy that a hot snap for 3 days of temperatures in the mid-80s inevitably leads to a cold snap, where the weather cools about 20 degrees.

I've never been much of a summer girl, so I do enjoy the random bursts of heat rather than the unrelenting heatwave that Louisiana brought. Hell, even Chicago brought that heatwave.

I'm personally more of a spring girl.